The Gene By Gene laboratory is a CAP accredited and CLIA registered facility, ready to deliver clinical-grade tests and results. Our expert staff is here to make sure that every test is handled with the care and detail that you expect from a medical diagnosis. We also take extra steps to make sure that all of your data and information is securely stored and transmitted for your safety.

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Vec swstick

Gene By Gene can accept any DNA sample from patients (i.e. traditional blood or saliva collections), however we prefer that patients use our buccal (cheek) swab kits. Our cheek swabs are easy to use for the patient and clinician, and make the process much simpler, while eliminating the pain and costs associated with blood testing. No more needles!

We provide buccal swabs for each order and shipping the kit back to us is easy. There are no temperature requirements or expensive packaging, just use the envelope provided and ship it back to us through your preferred carrier at room temperature. If you prefer to use an alternative sample collection, that’s fine too! Just contact us and we’ll give you the details on shipping blood specimens or other sample types.

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Creating an account is easy, all we need is your contact information and NPI# to get start.
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You can also search for any specific test, or browse our entire list.
Search for Test(s)
Search for the specific test you want, or browse our entire list. We have a full suite of test options that continues to grow every day.
Notify your Clinician
If you are interested in a test, just let your clinician know. We’ll even help reach out to your clinician to facilitate the ordering process.
Order Online
The entire order can be quickly placed online. Enter the patient information, and then decide how you want the payment process to work. You can enter payment information immediately, email the bill to the patient, or we can invoice your practice each month.
Complete the Order and Collect the Sample
As your clinician completes the order, complete the payment process and complete the buccal swab collection.
Collect the Sample
When a order is placed, you’ll have the option to have us send you a buccal swab kit, or if we have already shipped you kits, just use one of those and enter the kit # in the order. Our buccal swabs are the easiest way to get DNA for you and the patient.
Work with Your Clinician on Results
When your clinician receives the results, they’ll have the option to share directly with you. Work directly with them to understand what the results mean and what decisions to make thereafter.
Send it Back
Ship the collected sample and the included patient requisition form at room temperature back to us. No special shipping requirements!
Get the Results
We’ll notify you as soon as results are ready, and accessing the results is as easy as logging in online. From there, you can elect to share the results directly with patient and download as necessary.