Forensic Services

Our multiple forensic services can support analysis and matching of DNA to our extensive genealogy database providing answers faster.

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Our multiple forensic services can support analysis and matching of DNA to our extensive genealogy database providing answers faster.

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Forensics at Gene by Gene

Our forensic services allow us to extract, analyze, and match DNA samples from single and mixed sources using our extensive database.

We offer a wide range of forensic arrays, file reformatting, genome sequencing, Y-111 DNA testing, and more.

Who We Provide Services For

Our Gene By Gene laboratory and our FamilyTreeDNA database can provide forensic genealogy services to Law Enforcement Agencies, District Attorney’s officers and Medical Examiners to support their investigative process.

For further information about FamilyTreeDNA’s Law Enforcement Guidelines, visit here.

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A group of staff in lab coats at the Gene by Gene Lab using pipettes and other equipment

Why Gene By Gene?

Gene By Gene is the only company in this space that includes all of the following:

  • We are a trusted partner with law enforcement agencies including homicide squads, FBI, and other law enforcement agencies
  • Our services are end-to-end with our In-house lab for processing extracted DNA
  • We are the only company that operates their own Direct-to-Consumer Ancestry matching database
  • Access to our expert group of genetic genealogists
  • We are leaders in setting best practices for this evolving science

What we do

a lab assistant at Gene by Gene submerging DNA chips into reagent

Forensic Array: Single Source

We analyze and match single source DNA samples to our extensive database.

The forensic microarray can be used with DNA extracted from sample sources such as blood, saliva, semen and tissue (non-FFPE). Using our customized Screening Array to generate a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) profile for use in Investigative Genetic Genealogy (IGG).

Once a data file is generated it is matched to FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA) and GEDmatch for IGG and familial matching at no additional charge.

a scientist wearing protective equipment examining a rack of samples

Forensic Array: Mixed Source

We analyze and match mixed source DNA samples to our extensive database.

It may be possible to run a forensic array on a mixed source DNA sample if a reference sample can be provided. Using two sources, it's possible to reconstruct a SNP profile of the second DNA source.

Mixed source samples are evaluated on a case by case basis to determine the chance of success. Pricing includes upload to both the FTDNA and GEDmatch databases.

a person in a brown coat browsing through a file

Forensic Array File Reformat

We match raw DNA to our extensive database.

Raw data files not generated by Gene By Gene or created by methods other than microarrays can be reviewed, re-analyzed, and re-formatted so that they are compatible with the FamilyTreeDNA database.

Includes raw data SNP profile, FTDNA account creation, and upload to the FTDNA database for matching.

illustration of A, T, G, and C DNA sequencing

Forensic Genome Sequencing

We can use our sequencing techniques to extract low quantities or poor quality DNA to then match to our extensive database.

Samples that are not candidates for the forensic array due to low quantities or poor quality may be analyzed using whole genome sequencing.

Gene By Gene will process the sample and provide a SNP profile that will be uploaded to FTDNA and GEDmatch at no additional charge.

illustration of a y-shaped chromosome filled with DNA helixes

Y-111 DNA Testing

We can identify males through our Y-chromosome testing to then match to our extensive database.

The Y-111 DNA tests 111 STRs (Short Tandem Repeats) markers and looks for matching markers or "STRs" between two men. This allows for investigation into the male’s paternal line by helping to identify potential surnames, Y-DNA relatives, and a Y-DNA haplogroup.

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Genealogical Research and Family Tree Building

Review familial matches & construct family trees.

A team of highly specialized genealogists will provide expertise in reviewing familial matches and constructing family trees to help identify deceased individuals and/or suspects.

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Reference Testing

Confirm relationships using the Forensic Array.

Reference testing is used to test potential family members of individuals identified using the Forensic Array to confirm relationships. Informed consent from the tester is required.

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