Forensic Testing & Genealogy Services

Catch perpetrators and identify human remains faster with our forensic testing products and genetic matching services.

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Catch perpetrators and identify human remains faster with our forensic testing products and genetic matching purposes.

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Investigative Genetic Genealogy (IGG) Services

Use forensic genealogy on your most difficult cases to unlock investigative leads.

We use extracted DNA or biological evidence from your case, to create a DNA “profile” that can then be uploaded into our FamilyTreeDNA database for genetic matching purposes.

What is Forensic Genealogy?

Forensic Genealogy is the utilization of Genetic Genealogy, genetic analysis in combination with traditional genealogy research, to help solve a crime. Our team utilizes genetic matching within the FamilyTreeDNA database to identify individuals who may be related to an unknown sample to help identify the identity of the unknown DNA.

Cases We Provide Services For

Gene By Gene and FamilyTreeDNA provide forensic genealogy services to law enforcement for homicide or sexual assault or to identify the human remains of a deceased individual.

Running this profile matching can save time and money with our investigative techniques. This testing is ultimately benefiting public safety.

For further information about FamilyTreeDNA’s Law Enforcement Guidelines, visit here.

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Why Gene By Gene?

Gene By Gene is the only company in this space that includes all of the following:

  • We are a trusted partner with law enforcement agencies including homicide squads, FBI, and other law enforcement agencies
  • Our services are end-to-end with our In-house lab for processing extracted DNA
  • We are leaders in setting best practices for this evolving science

Inquire about Investigative Genetic Genealogy Services Online

Case submission starts with a review of the case and the evidence. Gene By Gene’s team of experts will review your case file and provide an evaluation of the suitability of the sample prior to testing. To submit a case for review or to learn more about our services, please complete the following form.

For database search services, please contact Othram via email ( or phone ((832) 906-4247).