Reference Lab Services

Supporting Health Services with their testing requirements.

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Reference Lab Services

Supporting Health Services with their testing requirements.

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About Reference Lab Services

Gene by Gene has specialized equipment and a full breadth of services to support health testing. Our testing can support physicians, hospitals, health centers and other laboratories who may not be able to perform the test themselves due to high volumes, specialized equipment or tests that are rarely ordered.

We have a state-of-the-art lab in the USA and pride ourselves on our expertise.

Gene by Gene operates one of the most advanced specialty genetic laboratories in the world. The high-tech robotics laboratory in Houston, Texas covers 34,000 square feet of lab space and provides the full spectrum of genetic testing services. 

With 20 years of laboratory innovation and robotic automation, the company enjoys significant competitive advantages with respect to price and turn around time. 

When it comes to capacity, that is not an issue for us. Our lab runs 7 days a week with the ability to process approximately 5 million samples per year.

Our services include DNA extraction. We can extract DNA more efficiently than most labs due to our advanced robotic technology.

We can support your lab to meet deadlines with our: 

  • Fully automated, custom-designed workflow,
  • Secure storage freezer which enables long-term storage of genomic samples,
  • Microarray and Next-generation sequencing tools.

Sample Requirements

Gene by Gene can provide our own collection kits which is our preferred methodology for sample collection. We use buccal saliva kits for simple cheek swabbing. Other sample methods may be accepted upon request where an additional processing fee will be charged.

Ideal samples will be 500ng/uL.

(Lower quality samples can be processed however may not produce the required results).



Testing Methodology

Turnaround Time

10-15 business days


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