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Not all genetic labs are created equal.

Through our cutting-edge biotechnology, we offer a full spectrum of tailored and affordable genetic testing services.

World-Leading Laboratory Services

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A Leading Global
Laboratory Service Provider

Gene by Gene operates one of the most advanced, specialty genetic laboratories in the world.

With over 20 years of laboratory service innovation and robotic automation, we pride ourselves on providing competitive pricing, fast turnaround times, and superior lab capacity.

Gene by Gene Benefits

  • Competitive pricing

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  • High capacity

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  • Fast turnaround

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Our Services
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Our versatile, in-house laboratory offers unparalleled breadth of services, from Whole Genome Sequencing to Biobanking.

We can extract human DNA and provide genetic data services across the entire spectrum of microarray and sequencing technologies.


Our Tech
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We pride ourselves on our technology, with our advanced robotic automation driving innovation in Precision Health.

Our innovative sequencing and array technology supports our ground-breaking advancements in genetics through flexible, scalable solutions.


Our in-house laboratory is highly accredited for both molecular pathology & relationship testing. These standards allow us to boast incredible result accuracy.

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Our Laboratory

Discover our proprietary lab & world-leading tech

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Partner with Gene by Gene and unlock a personalized end-to-end workflow.

Our advanced, versatile, and high-capacity in-house laboratory is able to service a wide array of needs, workflows, and business cases. Inquire today to discover how partnership with Gene by Gene can help your organization unleash the power of genetics.

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